At Feed Connector we bring you top of the line E-commerce integrated solutions for SAP Business One which is undoubtedly one of the most popular ERPs used by SMEs to manage business operations. Our dedication to E-commerce as well as our decade long experience of handling versatile issues for our clients put us in a unique position to help you.

Feed Connector ensures that your E-commerce platform is tightly integrated to your ERP so that you can do business 24/7. Your customers can always view an updated product catalog, place orders and check order history via a seamless sales order portal experience. Our integrated E-commerce solutions for SAP Business One and SAP Business One for HANA guarantee real time synchronization of customer and product information, order status and history and product listings and pricing as well as availability, our multi-channel support for your business enables you to increase sales by selling on multiple sales channels.

Our enabling solutions make sure that your business makes the best possible use of your ERP as well as your E-commerce platform

Bi-directional Communication

We make sure that your E-commerce platform can communicate in real time with your ERP (and vice versa) in order to be able to exchange and access data whenever required.

Redundancy reduction

The connection between your ERP and E-commerce platform ensures an automated workflow, which in turn eliminates chances of double entries and errors that occur when data is entered manually.


SAP Business One is specifically designed to be flexible enough to allow for scalability as your business grows. Your inventory updates and new product listings on site are automatically synced in with your ERP and vice versa.

Master-Slave and source reversal

As a 360 degree solution provider we have to make sure that we handle all possible scenarios where the clients might need our help. Keeping that in mind we make sure that all our solutions make allowances for master-slave relationship between the ERP and the E-commerce platform while having the capability to feature source reversal should the need arise.

Muilti-Channel Support

Our integrated E-commerce solutions for SAP Business One provide multi-channel support allowing you to utilize multiple sales channels for your business growth.

Adequate logging and caching

If required, our integration solutions can feature logs and caches for all events and datasets in the system be they transactions, product and or customer information, items added or removed to/from cart or any other activity or data in the ERP or E-commerce platform.

On demand sales reporting

We facilitate our clients with on-demand sales reports and or analytics, allowing them to make well informed decisions by being up to date with customer purchase trends and tendencies.

Isolation Levels that are just right

Isolation is maintained between all processes and datasets in order to ensure operational security which allows customers to perform purchase cycles without worrying about or being hampered with irrelevant information sharing.

Tight Coupling with ERP and E-commerce platforms

Our SAP Business One integration solutions for  E-commerce businesses allow seamless connections between the ERP and the E-commerce platform providing customers with an excellent purchase experience.

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