Essendant Integration

About Essendant

Essendant, formerly known as United Stationers, is a market leading distribution company founded in 1922. In 2017 Essendant ranked 487 among the fortune 500 and was valued at more than $5.6 billion on the market. Operating exclusively as a wholesaler of office supplies in 1978, Essendant has since branched out into office furniture, janitorial and break room supplies, technology products, automotive aftermarket tools and equipment and industrial supplies.

In order to further facilitate customers, Essendant also offers product content subscriptions to exclusively optimized content for a vast array of products and their subsequent categories. The tailored content helps customers with their purchase decisions while improving their shopping experience.

How to utilize Essendant feeds?

We realize the potential of Rich Content for today’s ecommerce businesses. Our goal is to utilize every opportunity to enhance the clients’ ability to compete in the multi-channel ecommerce market place. We have successfully facilitated clients on a number of occasions with on-demand, unique custom integrations not available elsewhere.

Apart form Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability, we offer Essendant’s e-Commerce Database (ECDB) 2.0 and Smart Search integrations into your ecommerce site. Now you can enhance both, your products’ visibility as well as your site’s user friendliness.

Essendant recently added Premium Relationships to its ECDB 2.0 and Smart Search services. This provides customers with recommendations including product accessories, related products, supplies and other products from the same category. These recommendations prepared by industry experts have served to increase the average order value by 2.3% while product views have gone up by 20%.

What is Essendant ECDB 2.0?

Essendant ECDB 2.0 facilitates distributors and re-sellers with seamless selection of downloadable content featuring well thought out and mature product categories and sub-categories of Essendant products. Furthermore, Essendant integrations enable clients to map multiple fields to their product display including but not limited to product description, image, web description, volume and product weight.

What is Essendant SmartSearch?

Essendant’s powerful SmartSearch is based on Oracle’s Endeca Information Access Platform. It allows integration of product content feeds from Essendant’s product data into your ecommerce website to provide both B2B and B2C customers with an enhanced shopping experience.

In addition to keyword search, SmartSearch features product search filters by category, brand, product type, color, style, green (products that are environment friendly) etc.

SmartSearch boasts among other things; improved, zoom able product imagery from multiple angles along with detailed product descriptions, while searched items can be sorted according to price, relevance, item number, brand and popularity. Additionally, it offers product comparisons to help customers make the right choice, enhanced categorizations so that customers may find what they are looking for with minimal hassle and additional product details like supplies and accessories, additional images and relevant products.

Smart Search allows distributors to create custom catalog views which come in handy when distributors wish to display different set of products to different customers.

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We at Think Enabled are familiar with the industry needs and possess considerable expertise and experience in realigning businesses with them. As an enabling partner, Think Enabled offers on-premise as well as hosted content services to clients. We aim to take our clients’ business to the next level by providing them with the necessary edge required to compete successfully in today’s hi tech market.