Data Warehousing

Technological advancements today allow E-commerce businesses to use various tools to perform jobs more efficiently and accurately. This however results in customer and order data being spread out over multiple tools like shopping cart, multiple sales channels, inventory managers, marketing platforms, fulfillment providers, and financial reporting.

A Data Warehouse among other benefits, helps businesses to bring all their data at a single point that is readily accessible whenever needed with minimal hassle. Once you have a data warehouse set up, the connections between all your tools will allow you to easily automate workflows and thus improve efficiency as well as accuracy of your business cycle.  Additionally, data warehousing helps businesses with BI tasks including identification and monitoring of KPIs as well as identification of trends in customer behavior. Analysis of your E-commerce business’ performance allows you to optimize processes and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

What is Data Warehousing?

Data Warehousing refers to collecting/integrating, sorting/preprocessing and storage of data generated from single or multiple sources so that it can be analyzed and compared for improved business intelligence.


What we offer?

Our decade long experience of facilitating the E-commerce industry allows us to realize the importance and magnitude of the task of aggregating, storing, sorting, and analyzing data generated by a typical E-commerce business. Our Feed Connector initiative provides a number of services (bespoke customizations and turn key solutions included) in the Data Warehousing domain including but not limited to the following:


Data Modeling and Architecture

Data Integration

Data Warehouse Optimization

Data Migration

Performance Analysis

Data Management

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