PunchOut Catalogs

The PunchOut Catalog functions as an ecommerce site within the e-procurement system and is intended to facilitate corporate purchase agents by linking directly to their e-procurement system via various EDI formats including cXML. This allows customers to view products and order directly from their e-procurement system by selecting and adding them to cart as they would on a standard ecommerce website.

PunchOut Catalogs simplify the previously cumbersome e-procurement process workflow. Whereas now, buyers access the supplier’s PunchOut Catalog, login, search for products, add the required products to cart and then the cart is returned to the e-procurement system as a pending purchase order.

Core Benefits of PunchOut Catalogs

PunchOut Catalogs benefit both the buyer as well as the seller by making it easy for them to conduct business. Some of the core benefits of implementing PunchOuts are as follows:

PunchOut Catalogs reduce the time and effort required for your customer to shop thus enhancing the overall purchase experience

Sellers can offer updated agreed upon prices and deals and upsell/cross sell accessories and products via offerings tailor made for the customer.

Customers can monitor and manage purchases efficiently.

Nowadays, the majority of large scale enterprises prefer PunchOut Catalogs to the traditional approach, thus adapting this technology enables sellers to tap bigger markets and retain existing customers.

Improved order accuracy and fulfillment.

PunchOut Catalogs eliminate the cost and hassle of having a product catalog printed and shipped to the customer.

Faster order processing and real time updates serve to increase sales.

Since each catalog can be and is usually optimized for the respective customer using it, PunchOuts enable sellers to better control the product information (like price, inventory and relevant offerings) as well as page functions that are visible to the customer.

What We Offer

Our Feed Connector initiative offers clients the opportunity to make sure that their ecommerce websites are PunchOut enabled. Let us help you setup your first PunchOut Catalog so you can satisfy your customers and tap new markets with the confidence and success rate befitting a truly Enabled client.