Product Categorization

A customer visiting an online store expects to find desired products easily and quickly. E-commerce businesses who realize the potential of a well organized product range early on, are the ones whose customer retention and conversion rates improve constantly. Product categorization plays a major part in customer satisfaction and encourages them to spend more time on site since it helps customers get to the product that they want. Additionally, studies show that customers prefer to stay longer and browse more products on sites with mature and healthy product taxonomy trees.


Core Benefits of Product Categorization

  • Improved conversion: Customers looking for a particular product get frustrated and leave the site if they have to navigate through too many pages to get to the desired product. Customer centric product categorization allows your customers to easily find and purchase exactly what they need.
  • Customer retention: Easier onsite navigation serves to build up the customers’ trust on your store, which in turn ensures increases customer retention rate.
  • SEO: A well maintained and mature product taxonomy tree allows search engines to properly index your website and serve your most relevant products to customers who are searching for products online and have not even landed on your site yet.
  • Scalability: Once an optimized categorization scheme is implemented, adding new products and tapping new market niches will be easier than ever.
  • Improved overall shopping experience: The fact that your customers can find whatever they need (in preferably less than 3 steps) without having to roam all over your website and leave frustrated, serves to improve your customers’ shopping experience which will motivate them to share positive ‘word of mouth’ about your business.

What we offer

More than a decade of experience in the ecommerce industry allows us to set up the best product categorization for your site with cross referencing of sub-categories. This encourages customers to browse more products across multiple, related categories. We will make sure that you don’t lose any more customers to poor categorization issues while increasing onsite traffic as well.

We have successfully provided e-commerce solutions to all sorts of businesses including electronics, clothing, lighting, sports, computers, bathroom accessories, medical equipment and many more. This minimizes our learning curve for your business’ mechanics, thus allowing us to get working on the problem from the start.