Quoting Solutions

Technological advancements in the ecommerce industry have simplified the sales and purchase processes for buyers as well as sellers by a significant margin. As opposed to old fashioned manual quote generation which is time consuming, tedious and prone to errors, qoute generation softwares today are a lot more efficient and cost effective in terms of both time and money. Additionally, the automated nature of an online marketplace allows customers to make make purchases and or request quotes at any time of the day using self service quoting systems.

Benefits of Quoting Solutions

Irrespective of what you sell, no ecommerce business is complete without a strong yet flexible quoting system. An automated quoting system adds value to your business by ensuring the following:

  • Faster execution of sales cycles
  • Accurate and error free order placement
  • Enhancement of the order placement and fulfillment processes, thus improving shopping experience for customer
  • Implementation of improves sales strategies like upselling and cross selling suggestions at checkout
  • Reduced time in order placement and quote generation subsequently increase conversion rate

What We Offer?

Eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and complex quoting softwares that fall short of the requirements of a fast paced industry, Think Enabled’s Feed Connector initiative offers mature and robust quote and invoice generating software development services as well as integrations of existing online quoting softwares like Quick Quotes etc. We have been facilitating B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses for over a decade, this provides us a distinct advantage over other solution providers when it comes to bespoke software development and integrations.