About Tech Data

Ranking 108 in the Fortune 500 list, Tech Data is one of the largest technology products and services distribution companies in the world. In addition to technology products, Tech Data also offers a broad spectrum of logistics as well as value added services to facilitate customers with deployment of IT solutions.

The company is a multinational technology products’ distributor based in the United States. Founded in 1974,Tech Data started out as a data processing supplies marketer and later transformed into a national distributor of  personal computer products in 1983. With a product range spanning hundreds of brands including HP, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft and many others, however, Tech Data’s clientele is not limited to large scale enterprises.

The company also facilitates small and medium sized businesses, educational and governmental institutions and agencies with the latest data center, software, cloud, mobility, and consumer technology offerings. These products are offered along with a comprehensive range of technical, business support, and value-added services, including certification, training, configuration, installation, marketing, financing, and integrated supply chain services.


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