Feed Management

A successful E-Commerce website solution is incomplete without a well categorized and maintained product data feed. Irrespective of the scenario i.e. product advertising, selling via affiliate marketplaces, and or improvement of navigation and site search, data feeds are uniformly necessary for any successful ecommerce website. Data feeds allow businesses to update product information like availability and feature specifications on affiliate marketplaces quickly and at reduced costs in terms of time and effort.

What is a Data Feed?

A typical e-commerce data feed is a CSV, XML, TXT, Json or cXML file containing a list of products available for sale on an e commerce website. The list can contain any type of product related information like availability, price, images, feature specifications etc.

Why are Data Feeds important?

Almost all online affiliate market places seek to standardize the product information shared by their merchants. This is necessary to maintain a uniform and improved customer experience throughout the market place.

Well maintained and accurate data feeds allow you to stay abreast with your customers’ requirements as well as ensuring that your products do not suffer from lack of content details when viewed by a comparison shopping engine.

At the end of the day the content in your data feeds is the one selling your products since it helps your customers with their purchase decisions while on your e commerce website as well as on an affiliate market place.

What We Offer

Feed Connector offers a comprehensive set of product data feed management solutions covering the complete feed life cycle from feed creation, product feed management and updating to feed submission.