About Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro is a market leading distributor of IT products that ranked 64 in the Fortune 500 list before being acquired by HNA group in December 2016. The company maintains presence in 45 countries with 154 distributions centers. Ingram Micro has more than 200,000 clients from approximately 160 countries.

Ingram Micro provides system integration and enterprise level software and computing solutions for small to medium scale businesses as well as global entities, POS (point of sale) and cloud services, Professional AV services and physical security solutions. True to its word, the company really does help customers realize the promise of technology by enabling them to add value and thus maximize the technological potential of the products that they sell or manufacture.

The company supports global operations by way of an extensive sales and distribution network throughout North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific:

Ingram Micro Distributing Logo
Ingram Micro represents around 1,700 leading IT brands and manufacturers including Apple, Acer, Cisco, Hp, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung and many others.
It creates growth opportunities within the SMB market as businesses adopt technology to successfully scale up and expand while maintaining service quality and productivity.
The company provides support via 30,000+ associates positioned worldwide.
Ingram Micro is the only global broad-based IT distributor with significant presence in the Asia Pacific region.