About Almo

Almo Corporation started out as a radio and television parts whole sale distributor in 1946 and later tapped into emerging markets along the way as opportunities presented themselves. Today, Almo Corporation is the largest independent distributor of major and premium appliances, consumer electronics, A/V equipment and home supplies including furniture, appliances and accessories. The company facilitates customers all over United States via its 9 strategically placed warehouses in the US.

Almo focuses on four major business segments or divisions:

  • The Major Appliance and Electronics segment facilitates over 2,000 independent dealers all over the United States with various retail categories of products from well known brands.
  • The Premium Appliances division provides luxury appliances as well as outdoor lifestyle products like patio furniture and BBQ grill to numerous independent retailers nation wide.
  • The Professional AV (Audio/Visual) division facilitates Audio/Visual integration service providers, dealers and consultants with value added technology and professional audio/visual products and accessories along with services.
  • The Fulfillment Division is a state-of-the-art e-Commerce Fulfillment business that serves some of the largest online retailers in the country with a wide range of products.
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