Icecat Content Integration

In order to anchor itself successfully within its niche in the market, any ecommerce website will have to rely on its content. Customers need well structured and organized content to make informed purchase decisions as well as for an improved shopping experience. Accurate, relevant and comprehensive product content ensures that the customers know exactly what they are purchasing leading to improved conversion rates. This is where Icecat content integrations come in.

What is Icecat?

Icecat is part of the iMerge ecommerce group and is set up as an independent product data provider that publishes product content and statistics from manufacturers all over the world. Icecat publishes billions of product data sheets in over 30 languages annually. It is one of the few content providers who have actively taken steps towards content standardization with transformation of raw data of over 20,193 brands.

Icecat provides a broad spectrum of services that ecommerce businesses use to enhance their customers’ shopping experience, increase product visibility and improve market share.

Open Icecat

Icecat’s open content distribution model i.e. Open Icecat is a free product catalog sponsored by manufacturers and can be used to include product data directly into an ecommerce platform or for distribution as accurate product data feeds to scores of channel partners world over using XML, URL or CSV formats. Open Icecat launched a real time JavaScript service called Open Icecat LIVE in 2014. This alternative to using the URL format allows ecommmerce businesses to integrate product content from more than 300 major brands and manufacturers in real time. Open Icecat is currently in use by thousands of ecommerce businesses globally.

Full Icecat

Customers seeking a much more comprehensive product and brand coverage can upgrade to Full Icecat. It is prepared, published and customized in its entirety by Icecat. Full Icecat provides access to the complete product database containing products from more than 10,000 brands. Full Icecat supports about 50 languages which is more than any any other product content provider in the market currently while having the highest coverage for technology products.


What We Offer

Feed Connector helps bolster your ecommerce business by integrating data feeds from Icecat, a market leader among content providers across the globe. This ensures a steady and reliable supply of accurate product descriptions, Hi-Res images and other product information from the biggest product product content database in the world.

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