GSA Advantage

GSA or General Services Administration is the body of U.S Federal Government which looks after the procurement needs for the Federal Government. It offers products, services, and facilities worth billions of dollars that federal agencies need to serve the public.

GSA Advantage!® Program is an initiative by GSA providing an online ordering and shopping system. It provides access to thousands of contractors and their supplies/products and services. Government employees may browse on the GSA Advantage!® portal to view and compare a large number of products and services in offering.

Federal government employees can make purchases on GSA Advantage!® using:

A government-wide commercial purchase card (GSA SmartPay®)


A GSA Activity Address Code (AAC)

A Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) (limited to purchases of GSA Global Supply items)

Need an Enabling Technology Partner/Provider?

If you are a GSA Contractor and…

are overwhelmed with the process
are not equipped to deal with the inflow of order requests
have trouble dealing with TAA Compliance or Country of Origin COO regulation
have been penalized for violations
are unable to publish all of your products
unable to timely update your supplies and services
missing the technology piece to make it happen
not sure how to automate using the GSA Advantage EDI
don’t understand cXML

We can help you integrate comprehensively with the GSA Advantage program. Contact us today

Are you LOS Compliant?

Do you wish to be a GSA contractor but don’t manufacture what you sell? Are your products LOS compliant i.e. do you possess a ‘Letter of Supply’ provided by the manufacturer? Let us help you with managing your GSA compliances.

Are you TAA Compliant?

The Trade Agreement Act dictates that the U.S. Government can only acquire products and services made in the US or provided by a country approved/designated by the TAA. Make sure all your products and services are TAA compliant.